Mobile coffee cart

Interesting public service

Mobile coffee cart is intended to serve coffee qualitatively, fast, hot and aromatic. Mobile coffee carting is one of those businesses that bring you joy and satisfaction. Coffee and communication are united in a vehicle providing both mobility and convenience. You can attend festivals, celebrations and events of global importance serving coffee and making people cheer up.

Things to consider in mobile coffee cart business

Thanks to the mobile coffee cart vehicle, you do not take any actual space, so you have to pay much less than regular coffee shops. It’s significant to target a specific fruitful location and market niche to earn as much as possible. Your mobile coffee cart should be supplied with cups, comfortable cup holders, filters for coffee, espresso machine and espresso itself, original syrups to add flavors, coffee mixes, electricity, qualitative pots and blenders.

As for the administrative part, you’ll have to register your business with the State’s Office Secretary. License is also obligatory. Purchase a mobile cart supplied with fridges and store space for coffee blends, milk, cream, flavor syrups and other ingredients. Basic vehicles like this start from $34.000, though you can also buy a cart that is not absolutely new.

Business particulars

Mobile coffee cart business is rather profitable because its starting capital is not millions, while coffee is always demanded by customers. In fact, you can start out in your neighborhood. Mobile carts are very easy to manage and does not require more than 2-3 people of personnel to sell coffee in different spots. You can locate your cart virtually anywhere you want. Memorize upcoming business and scientific conferences as your target spots of interest.