Cabover trucks for sale

Cabover trucks for sale is the website where you can find the vehicle for your special needs in business or any other marketing sphere. Generous financial programs, which are offered buy the dealers, make your purchase profitable every time you compare the prices offered by other dealers.?Cabover Engines (COE) are tractor trailer rigs with the cab located above the engine. So, the driver usually sits slightly behind.

Going back to the origin of this truck, it should be mentioned that Sternberg Company was the first big Cabover manufacturer. First models of the trucks where produced in 1907. Later, in 1933 the company developed Camel Back Cabover.?The first prototype of a modern cabover was manufactured in 1932. It was a 42 foot truck length limit with the horizontally opposed cylinder under the floorboards.


Looking for cabover trucks for sale you can choose the one from the brand manufacturers, which over years gained the reputation of reliable manufacturers. Kenworth is one of them. The company was founded in 1923 and has a very rich history. The name was composed from the combination of the main directors’ second names – Fredrick Kent and Edgar Worthington. In ten years the company became the leading trucking manufacturer and in 1957 switched to diesel engines. The most popular models of Kenworth truck models are W900, T660, T300, T200o and T600.

Freightliner and Diamond T

This is the second major truck building company to look for cabover trucks for sale. Its director – Freightliner – started the manufacture in 1947.

Cabover Trucks for Sale


The first models where called bubble nose models, including 800 COE with a sleeping cabin. Diamond T is well-known because of the Deco-style heavy and light duty trucks. However this line was dropped in 1951, as the company focused on large trucks.

Restrictions and Limitations

The growing popularity of cabover trucks for sale made the government impose some restrictions as to their length. Before 1956 the law limited the truck up to 42 feet, after the Federal-Aid Highway Act the length increased to 65 feet. Now the standard size is 75 feet.

Network Sales

When you decided to purchase cabover trucks, the Internet will always insure the quality of your choice. You’ll be given all the needed information as to preventive maintenance, road maintenance and other services. In addition, it’s easier to get the needed price.?Cabover trucks for sale offers the cabovers from the recognized leaders in the trucking industry and will provide you with the best technology, machinery and services.